Gift Adoptions

Here at RCHS, we recognize that the holidays, birthdays and other celebrations are a favorite time to bring furry friends into the home. . .to surprise children, elderly relatives, partners, friends, and others with whom we share our lives.

Because cats have a much smaller impact on our neighborhoods, households, and lifestyles than dogs, we restrict our “Gift of Companionship” program to cats, kittens, and small animals only. If you are interested in a gift certificate for a dog/puppy, please ask.  All of our regular adoption guidelines apply to adoptions completed with a gift certificate.

We are eager to help well-intentioned shoppers become well-informed shoppers. To find the right cat or kitten to spread celebration cheer, please take a moment to think about the following questions before proceeding.

• Has this person ever talked about adding a pet to their lifestyle?

• Would you feel comfortable receiving a gift of this significance from this person?

• Does this person have a realistic understanding of the care involved with owning a cat and will they be able to afford or can you help provide the necessities required in order to care for their new companion?

• Will this person have the time and interest to socialize a cat or small animal?

• Is this person prepared to tolerate late-night kitten crazies or would an older companion be more suitable?

• Do you know the daily routine of this person’s life? Does their landlord allow animals? Do they have enough time to devote to an animal? Will everyone in the household be pleased to receive a new animal into the home? Will their resident animals be willing to add a new member to their clan?

• Does your friend have any allergies to animals, or do any members of their household?