2 Years Old. Neutered Male. Domestic Long Hair. Orange Tiger. 8 lbs.

Hi. I am Willow. I am an active young man. I will liven up your house with my playful antics. I am a bit shy and might hide under a bed or behind a couch for a couple of days until I know you. A little moist food and kind words will speed up my appearance. After that watch out because I am fast and love to zip around batting and flipping cat toys. I am also vocal. I will talk to you and hope you will join my play. If I get wild a simple no will get me to slow down and be more careful while playing. I am still learning my social boundaries and can will give a little nip when I get excited. I arrived on March 24th with 4 other cats because there were too many in the home. I have been in foster since the first part of April with my friend Lou so if you are looking for two maybe we will be a good match for you.