Mouse. Brown and White. Adult.
Hi. I am Coke! I’m bubbly as a coke too! I’m really small, and cute, but I still need lots of attention and care. I like to get into balls to sleep either in my castle, which doesn’t look like much to you, but I feel like a king in it. So, I stay nice and fit, so I make it through the tunnel in my cage, I run in the wheel in my cage. And we could also play this really fun game of hide and go seek where I hide in my wood shavings, and you try and find me because I am kind of silly. For mice, I am also quiet, I don’t chirp too much, but maybe for treats I’d make some more noise! I was brought here on March 13, because my owner was at school and she had to come home, and the family was allergic. I was in a foster home for a little bit and we had so much fun. My foster mom did clicker training with me and I love cheerios! I am not the kind of guy that likes to handled much but I am very entertaining to watch.