4 Years Old. Neutered Male. Jack Russell Mix. Brown/White. 24 lbs.
Sweet, loyal, independent and a snuggler! Yes, these describe me to the letter. I would love a lap to snuggle on while we watch a little TV and I like to take over the bed if possible. I will do my best to go under the covers where it is nice and warm. I am however, a Jack Russel mix so with that comes the personality of a Jack Russel. I like to chase squirrels, birds, cats, cars basically anything that I can run after. When I was younger, I did bite someone riding by on a bicycle. If you are not familiar with the breed please do a little research. This is just who I am. I do love to walk but can pull pretty hard so a harness works great. Taking a ride in the car is the best. I love to ride on the console which is the best place to see everything but really isn’t the safest place to ride. Did I mention that I LOVE carrots? A nice scratch on the neck is always appreciated. My favorite play is tug. I have lived with children but would prefer older children. I can be pretty reactive to other dogs so a meet and greet will be needed. I arrived at the shelter on January 9 because my owner felt it was best. This was a very hard decision on their part but after a brief stay here I am fine and ready to move on to my forever home.