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3 Year Old. Neutered Male. Domestic Short Hair. Orange and White Tabby. 6.5 lbs. Greetings! My name is Spiderman and I am a super hero of sorts! I arrived at RCHS on April 27 from a busy shelter in West Virginia. Vermont is so beautiful. I haven’t had much time to enjoy the scenery because since my arrival I’ve been very busy! I stayed at the shelter for a few days and then was whisked off to VT-Tech to have my medical needs tended to. It seems that I had a pretty bad infection in my mouth from my teeth. I had almost all of my teeth removed! I have only 3 left and have to eat soft food, which is A-Okay in my book because I think it is tasty!!! After my stay at VT-Tech, I was very fortunate to go to a foster home for my recovery time. My foster mom wanted me to let you know a few things about me: I am a very shy fella who is seeking a quiet home. I would be content just having my own little hiding spot and a big window because I do enjoy watching the world from inside. I don’t really like being picked up but I love, love, love being pet, giving ankle rubs and nuzzles with my chin! I did have an incident while at my foster home, I tinkled on a bed. I am so embarrassed. If you were to take me home, we would have to work on making sure I knew exactly where my box was and maybe put it somewhere peaceful and quiet. I really am a good fella and would love to meet you!