Halloween is a coming so don’t let your pet get spooked.  Here are a few tips from the Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) to make sure your pet stays safe and happy.  Trick or Treaters showing up at the door may frighten all but the most sociable and easy going animals.  If your pet doesn’t do well with surprises and commotion, keep her in a safe place during these hours.  Chocolate can be harmful for pets so be sure to keep the candy bowl where Fido can’t reach it.  If your dog ingests chocolate call your veterinarian for advice.  Also to note, sugarless treats may contain Xylitol which is very toxic to pets.  Costumes are fun and some pets love them and will ham it up.  But many are stressed by being dressed up and stress can affect your pet’s health.  If you do put a costume on your pet, make sure there aren’t items on it that can be chewed or torn off and swallowed.  Finally, make sure your pet has ID.  Trick or Treaters and parties mean the door will be opening often, giving your pet a chance to make a run for it.  If your pet goes missing call the shelter at 483-6700 any time and we’ll do what we can to get you reunited as quickly as possible.