Lost & Found

If you’ve lost an animal, click here to see our stray animals.

If your animal is at RCHS, please contact us at 483.6700. To retrieve your pet, the pet’s owners will need to bring evidence of ownership. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a $25 intake fee as well as $14 per day that the animal is here. We will accept cash or credit cards to return your pet.

Click here to report a lost or found pet!

Losing a pet is traumatic for both you and the pet. The quicker you take action, the more likely you are to have a successful reunion. Following these tips can help if you have lost or found a pet:

  • Call your local animal shelter(s) immediately.
  • Call your local Animal Control Officer.
  • Check with the neighbors to see if they have seen the pet. Leave the notice if they are not home.
  • Ask neighborhood children; they get around and see everything going on in the area.
  • Check with the area veterinarians, they often receive injured strays.
  • Call local radio stations to see if they air lost and found pet information.
  • See if your local newspaper(s) will run a lost and found ad for you.
  • Ask your mail carrier if he/she saw the pet on their rounds.
  • Put up lost pet notices (pictures are very helpful) all around the area, including stores, post offices, libraries, laundry mats and anywhere people can see them.

These Rutland County area businesses or agencies offer free lost & found pet services:

Rutland County Humane Society

Phone: (802) 483- 6700 or email us.

Rutland Herald

Phone: (802) 747- 6128. They will run a free classified ad for one week.

PEG TV (Public Access Cable TV)

Phone: (802) 747- 0151 or e-mail them at pegtv15@aol.com. They will air the information daily. Pictures are encouraged. The information will run intermittently on their community bulletin board.

WSYB Radio

Phone: (802) 775-5597. They will air information but you must call daily.

The Mountain Times

Phone: (802) 422-2399. They will run a free classified ad.

Manchester Newspapers & The Lakes Region Free Press

Phone: (800) 354-4232. They will run a free classified ad.

Note: Be sure you check these postings regularly. It is up to you, the pet owner to check for your lost pet.