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1 Year Old.  Neutered Male.  Pit Bull.  48.6 lbs.

I’m an action packed fella and I will wiggle and waggle when I meet you.  I’m a very social, outgoing guy and I love hanging out with my favorite people.  I love to play with toys (plush squeaky toys and tennis balls are my favorites!) and playing with them is a good way for me to get some exercise.  I am on the go guy and I will need a lot of exercise and play time to keep me happy and out of trouble.  Hikes, walks and other outdoor adventures sound like lots of fun so I hope I get to go along with my new family.  I was surrendered by my adoptive owner on April 22 because I didn’t get along with the other dog in the home.  Prior to that I was surrendered because I’m too much dog.  In my adoptive home, without warning, I lunged and grabbed onto the other dog’s head/scruff with my teeth.  A family member tried to break us up and I bit him in the finger during the fight.  Due to this behavior I cannot go to a home with any other animals.  I have a high chase drive so small animals and cats will be too much for me, too.  In my first home I lived with children and I did well with them.  I am a strong dog and I don’t have a lot of manners (I like to jump on people and I pull when I walk on a leash).  I do know Sit and Shake so I’m smart and know I can learn how to be a good canine member of my family.  I don’t like to give up my high value treats so please know that about me, especially if you have kids at home.  I’ve had a few homes in my short life so I’m looking for consistency and a forever home.  I like to give kisses so get ready for a smooch or two if you stop by and meet me.  If you think a high energy, friendly dog like me would make a great addition to your family please stop by for a visit!