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Pet Hazards to Watch for at Easter

Chocolate bunnies, Easter grass in baskets and lilies make us think of Easter and spring.  But also think of your pets during the holiday.  Lilies, beautiful and fragrant, are deadly to cats so please be very aware of your felines if you have lilies in your home or garden.  All parts of the lily, including pollen are toxic to cats and cause sudden severe kidney failure and death, if not treated promptly.  Chocolate is harmful to both dogs and cats and should be kept out of reach of curious canines and felines.  Easter grass, if eaten, can pose a deadly threat.  It’s enticing due to the interesting sounds it makes, how it feels on animal’s gums and its movement in the breeze but it can be very harmful if ingested.  Keep an eye out for your pets this spring so you can enjoy without worries.